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ML-4500 Ultra-Graphite

Construction: Multi-lok Braid
Features: Manufactured from pure Graphite yarns impregnated with a fine submicron powder of inorganic graphite. A surface lubricant is applied to prevent wicking and to provide a bearing film between the shaft and the packing material.

Useage: Ideal for use and end rings used in combination with flexible graphite packing.   ML-4500 is a NUCLEAR GRADE of packing and is superior to carbon yarn packings in that it exibits superior cofficient of friction (less) and better heat conductivity to keep the packing cool than carbon yarns.

Limitations: Not recommended for fuming nitric acid, oleum and fluorine. Temperatures to 6000 F / 3316 C in non-oxidizing agents, 1200 F / 649 C in steam, and 800 F / 427 C in oxidizers.

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Quantity Cross Sections Price
Sepco Braided Packing Style # ML 4500 Ultra 133 lbs 1/8", 3/16",1/4" ,5/16",3/8",7/16",1/2",  5/8" $75.00/Lb.

List price for Mil 4500 is over
$230 LB

The quantities indicated are a total of what we have on 07-13-99.  Most sizes are boxed in approximate 5 or 10 lb boxes.    Most items are on their original spools with the original shink wrapping.  New (brown) boxes have been provided on most Sepco ML 4500.
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