Spiral Wound Gaskets

Style ASP-CG Spiral wound gaskets are ideal for high temperature & pressure. The ASP-CG style uses a 1/8 external ring centers the gasket on the flange face. Other styles use inner rings to contain vacuum or no containment / alignment wings (winding only gaskets) for low pressure, or to drop into a flange grove.

American Seal and Packing is a leading manufacturer & distributor of cut gaskets and spiral wound gaskets. We Specialize in fluid sealing products of all types including quality o-rings, mechanical seals, flexible graphite sets, molded rubber, machined PTFE, etc. We provide innovative solutions to seal problems.

Unlike most seal distributors we have a netwrk of factory warehouses around the world and can provide spiral wound gaskets to most major markets.

Braided Packings

Braided compression Packing

Spiral Wound Gaskets of all shapes and sizes

A complete range of sizes in stock

Gaskets Engineered for:

    Pumps and Valves,  Large Diameter Gaskets   -  Tongue and groove
  Industrial applications of all types.

Materials Available:

    Filler Materials: Non-Asbestos,  PTFE,  Flexible Graphite,  Ceramic

    Windings Strips: 304, 316 Stainless are most common. We also offer all the materials on the below index of color coded spiral wound gaskets.

    Guide Ring Materials: Carbon Steel is standard. Other materials available include: most stainless grades,Titanium ®, Nickel, Alloy 20, and Hastalloy ® Inconel ®, and Monel ®.

    ASME / ANSI B 16.5 & BS 1560 Flange style gaskets are available in 150# through 2500# pressure designs.

Descriptions on our Spiral Wound gaskets

Dimensions on Standard Spiral Wounds

Our Select Manufacturers

  • Sepco
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  • Flow Serve
  • AST

Our Select Manufacturers

  • Utex Industries
  • Graftech
  • Lamons
  • Vulcan


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