General Design and Gland Dimensions

Maximum Radial Clearance Gap to Prevent Extrusion

Clearances apply to dynamic O-Rings with no backup washers for .139 inch (3.53mm) O-Ring cross-sections and up. Smaller cross-sections do not give effective moving seal life, are less resistant to extrusion, and may be critical in sealing high frequency dynamic motion.

Mechanical SQUEEZE for this type of seal is determined by the groove diameter dimension (D) and the tube diameter dimension (C). When these tube dimensions and the gland depth dimensions are known, then the groove diameter can be determined by the following formula:

D max. = C min. plus 2F max.
D min. = C max. plus 2F min.
F=gland depth)

SQUEEZE is measured from the bottom of the groove to the mating surface and includes the clearance gap. Use the following formula for determining the actual gland depth with tolerance.

Max. Gland Depth =

Max. groove diameter minus min. tube diameter divided by 2

Min. Gland Depth = Min. groove diameter minus max. tube diameter divided by 2

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