General Design and Gland Dimensions

Mechanical SQUEEZE for the gland is determined by the bore diameter and the groove diameter in a plug or male type seal (Figure 20). The formula for determining the groove diameter when the bore and gland depth are know is:

B min. = A max. minus 2 F max.
F max. = A min. minus 2 F min.
(F = Gland depth)

SQUEEZE is measured from the bottom of the groove to the mating surface and in the case of radial seals includes the clearance gap. The following formula is used to determine the actual gland depth with tolerances:

Max. Gland Depth = Max. groove diameter minus
min. tube diameter
divided by 2
Min. Gland Depth = groove diameter minus
max. tube diameter
divided by 2

TOTAL DIAMETRAL CLEARANCE is the difference between the bore diameter and the plug diameter dimensions (Fig. 21). Tolerances of the bore and plug diameters determine the maximum and minimum diametral clearance gap. These values divided by two will give the radial maximum and minimum clearance gaps. (Fig. 23).

Figure 21


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