General Design and Gland Dimensions

Static Seal Design

STATIC SEALS are divided into two primary categories: Radial Static type and Face or Flange type.

RADIAL SEALS require the presence of a diametral clearance gap for installation. FACE OR FLANGE type seals have no clearance gap, but consist of a groove cut into one flange with a flat mating flange bolted together to give a surface to surface contact.

There are two types of static radial designs:

  1. Male or Plug - the O-Ring groove is located on a plug which is inserted into the housing or cylinder (Fig. 20).
  2. Female or Tube - The O-Ring groove is located in the housing or cylinder and a tube is installed through the O-Ring I.D. (Fig. 24).

MALE or PLUG SEAL design is based on the following factors (refer to Fig. 20).

Bore Diameter (a)
Plug Dimension (h)
Groove Diameter (B)
Groove Width (G)

Figure 20


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