American Seal and Packing has been in business in Southern California since 1989.  We lead the way in mechanical seals sales, and also offer mechanical seal repairs.  The mechanical seal companies we represent include: Flow Serve, AST, Flex-A-Seal, Durametallic, Borg Warner, Sepco,  German Sealsn, and Utex Industries.

The pump and valve packing companies we represent include: Utex, RM, SEPCO, JM Clipper, Chemstar, Detroit and others.

Our Gasket manufacturers include: Donex, Graphited, Task-line, JM Clipper and Klinger. We will even sell Brand G when requested.

The materials we specialize in, include Grafoil flexible graphite, PTFE, Viton , Buna-N, Silicone,SBR, NBR, Nitrile, Kalrez, Ceramics, Fiberglass, Carbon, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Ni-resist, Kevlar,  Nomex, Novaloid, Etc..

Our gaskets and o-rings, pump and valve packing, molded rubber and extruded rubber are of the finest quality made anywhere in the world.  We also offer v-packing, o-ring cord, o-ring kits, packing tools, non-asbestos sheet gasketing, cut gaskets, hand hole and man hole gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, textiles, tadpole tape, and drop warp tape.

American Seal and Packing sponsors the following websites for information and sales: 
The purpose of is convenience in ordering on line.  You can order, on line, with our shopping cart, all of these products:  mechanical seals, PTFE, Grafoil, flexible graphite, PTFE, braided packing, compression pump shaft packing, valve stem packing, non-asbestos gasketing, viton, kalrez, fiberglass, ceramic tape, pump repair materials pump parts, valve repair parts, sealants, spring seals, shaft seals, pump shaft seals,  spiral wound gaskets, high temp gaskets, high temp packing, steam packing, cryogenic seals, hydraulic seals, o-rings, buna, carbon face, silicon carbide stationary, tungsten carbide seats, ni-resist seats, ceramic seats, ribbon pack, PTFE joint sealant, gaskets, gasketing, neoprene, hypalon,  The Anchor Packing Company Established 1908 packing equivalents, pump shaft seals, ring gaskets, elastomeric, rubber, ceramic tape, industrial seal, flange gaskets, ring gaskets, die formed rings, die formed packing, v-packing, diaphragm sheet, cloth inserted, rotating seals, hand hole gaskets, manhole gaskets, fiberglass tapes, ceramic tape. 
The purpose of is information.  You will find information and technical data on seals and the following products: braided pump & valve stem packings, mechanical seals for pumps, gaskets and gasketing materials, flexible graphite / Grafoil , spiral wound gaskets, mechanical seals for compressors, PTFE, high temperature seals, rubber & metal expansion joints, o-rings - american & metric size, tadpole tape, injectable packings, mechanical seal repairs, die formed packing, custom spiral wound gaskets, PTFE v-packings, PTFE lubricants, textile products and cut gaskets.
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