O-Ring Size Chart Help Page

 Because of the amount of information contained in this chart and the time it takes to download, it is broken up into sections by cross sectional diameter.

O-Rings are available in 349 standard sizes as set up by the Aerospace Standard 568 published by the Society of Automotive Engineers. These sizes are designated by dash numbers as shown on the Size Chart.

For instance, an O-Ring with an inside diameter ( I.D.) of .362 ± .007" and a cross section ( C.S.) of .103 ± .003" is designated as AS568-110. Some O-Ring manufacturers replace the AS568 prefix with their own designation such as 2-110 (or 3-903 in the case of Tube Fitting Bosses).

With the exception of the first three sizes and the last group of sizes, all of the O-Rings in each of the groups have the same cross section :

The last section, -901 thru -932 are special sizes designed for Tube Fitting Bosses.

If you know the Dash No. just click on the section it falls under on the upper section of the chart then scroll to the item for the dimensions.

If you know the dimensions you need, click on the section with the C.S. you want and scroll through to the I.D. you need.

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