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Braided Packings

    We have a full selection of packings, including equals to competitors products.  We have the expertise to make the best recommendations for your applications. Among the styles we stock are:

    Ameri-lon Packing Ameri-lon® Packing - Temp 536 F Max, 0-14 pH

    Excellent versatile packing for pumps, valves, mixer, agitators or other equipments. Great on abrasive applications. Suitable for use in any rotary, reciprocating or static gland, against all chemicals except very strong oxidizers


    Flexible Graphite Packing   Thermabriad    Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH Valve Packings

    A high temperature packing good for most applications. Great for high temp or chemical applications (nonoxidzing) that can not leak. When you have to have the leak rate near that of a Mechanical Seal this is the packing to use.

    Carbon yarn Packing  698 Carbon Packing Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH
    Other Packing Styles Valve Packings

    Ideal for use in combination with Thermabraid or alone. Impregnated with graphite dispersion. For severe services in Pumps and Valves. Applications include superheated steam, acids alkalis

    PTFE Pump and Valve Packing  620 PTFE Packing  Temp: 500F Steam,  0-14 pH
    Other Packing Styles Valve Packings

    Dense (620) soft (620S) and FDA (620FDA) styles are available. Ideal for Chemical and food applications.

    Abrasive Service Pump Packing  630 Aramid Fiber   Temp: 500F Steam,  3-11 pH
    Other Packing Styles

    Ideal for reciprocating pump and abrasive applications If being used in a centrifugal pump try style 691 or 690, it might save your shaft.

    GFO Pump Packing  691  GFO® Fiber   Temp: 550F Steam,  0-14 pH
    Other Packing Styles

    The most common packing in industry. Very versatile and easy to work with. For superior abrasive resistance try our style 690.
    Other Packing Styles

    Valve Packing  627  Valve Stem  Temp: 1200 F Steam,  1-12 pH
    Other Packing Styles Valve Packings

    Our most common Valve Stem Packing. High temp carbon yarn with inconel wire braided over a resilient core.     

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    Other Packing Styles

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