Ameri-lon® a Re-structured HS10 PTFE Gasket Material

Significant improvement over common PTFE gasket materials

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Ameri-lon® 9504 Ameri-lon® 9510 Ameri-lon® 9500

Ameri-lon® 9504 is a true re-structured PTFE gasket sheet with excellent physical properties to be used in the most demanding applications. Its unique construction limits the cold flow problems associated with skived PTFE sheets.  It is very effective in applications where available bolt load is low due to its glass sphere content.

Color: Blue

Ameri-lon® 9510 is a true re-structured PTFE gasket sheet with excellent physical properties to be used in the most demanding applications. Its specific construction of virgin PTFE and Barium Sulfate fillers, limits both creep and cold flow in service and at temperature.

Color: Off White

Ameri-lon® 9500 is a premium re-structured PTFE gasket sheet with excellent physical properties that can be used in most strong acids, except for Hydrofluoric acid. 9500 is made of 100% PTFE and silica fillers.


Color: Sand

HS10 Ameri-lon® Sheets:

The HS10 process developed by Dupont, greatly reduces cold flow by changing the way the sheets are manufacturered. Most PTFE and re-structured PTFE (filled PTFE) sheets are made in large round Billets, then sheets are skived off the billet with a large blade set to the thickness of the desired sheet of material. The HS10 process makes sheets, which are made in a layering process (prior to curing) which orients the alternating layers in different directions. The result is the sheet has a near uniform tensile strength, and one uniform layer thick). This process is more labor intensive and slower in production but results in a product that is not near as prone to cold flow or creep relaxation.

Ameri-lon® PTFE sheets are available in 24" X 24", 36" X 36", 48" X 48" and 60" X 60" sizes in thick nesses from 0.010" to ¼".


Ameri-lon® Physical Properties (printable)

Ameri-lon® a new family of products. Ameri-lon® is the result of years of experience in producing PTFE materials.  It is designed for a wide range of demanding industrial requirements including gasket and bearing applications.  Ameri-lon® is filled PTFE, uniquely combining the properties of PTFE and filler materials in a biaxial manor. Meaning the tensil strength around the sheet is consistant.  The filler enhances the physical properties of PTFE and results in a superior gasket material.  Ameri-lon® shows less cold flow and greater sealing ability than other filled PTFE materials or Fluorocarbons.  It maintains the chemical attack resistance and the temperature range of PTFE.

Ameri-lon® is available in a wide range of products including gaskets, sheet, molded tube and rod as well as finished and machined items

Ameri-lon® can be considered as an equivalent to the Garlock Gylon® Product range.  The interchange for the Ameri-lon® products is as follows:

*Ameri-lon® 9504 = Gylon® 3504

*Ameri-lon® 9510 = Gylon® 3510

*Ameri-lon® 9500 = Gylon® 3500

*Ameri-lon EPTFE = Expanded PTFE

*Ameri-lon® PTFE Sheet Gasketing = Gylon Chemrex 3570

We also offer FMI S60/ S66 = Gylon® 3450/3545


Our Packing Version     Ameri-lon® Packing
A versatile packing for Chemical, Wastewater, Pulp and Paper, Slurry, Power Generation, Condensate, and a wide range of other applications.  
Excellent versatile packing for pumps, valves, mixer, agitators or other equipments.

PH range 0-14  Shaft Speed: Up to 4500 feet per minute
Temp Rating: -328  to 536 F



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* This is to be used as a general guide only.  All applications should be considered individually based on the temperature, pressure, media being sealed, Ph, gasket dimensions, torque load, bolt size and any other factor effecting the gasket.  For assistance in determining the suitability of an application contact our technical staff at American Seal & Packing. No application should be undertaken by anyone without independent study and evaluation for suitability. Never use more than one gasket in one flange joint, and never reuse a gasket. Improper use or gasket selection could cause property damage and/or serious personal injury. Data reported in these pages is a compilation of field testing, field service reports and/or in-house testing. While the utmost care has gone into publishing the information contained herein, we assume no responsibility for errors. Specifications and information contained in these pages are subject to change with notice. This edition cancels and obsoletes all previous editions.


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