AST 80 Dual Cartridge Mechanical Seal

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AST 80

AST 80 cutaway

The AST 80 Seal is two seals packaged in one compact, unitized cartridge assembly for easy installation. It can be used in three ways:

Double Seal: With barrier fluid pressure higher than product pressure, the AST 80 prevents leakage of toxic or hazardous fluids into the environment. The barrier fluid provides lubrication to seal gases and non-lubricating fluids.

Tandem Seal: By using a buffer fluid with pressure lower than process, the AST 80 can reduce pressure differential across a single set of seal faces.

Spare Seal: With unpressurized buffer fluid, the outboard seal of the AST 80 runs "at idle" as a standby seal. If the inboard seal fails, the outboard seal provides primary protection, eliminating unscheduled shutdown of batch processes.

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